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Erlang, Senior Engineers, Command Lines and Better A/B testing - April Picks

[Video] Systems that Run Forever Self-heal and Scale


Joe Armstrong outlines the architectural principles needed for building scalable fault-tolerant systems built from small isolated parallel components which communicate though well-defined protocols.

[07:25] in general is a bad idea to start a design for 100s of people and scale it up. it’s better to start with an architecture that you know it will work for few millions of things and scale it down

[Article] On being a senior engineer


I expect a “senior” engineer to be a mature engineer.

[Learn] The art of the command line


These are great tips on how to get fluency on the command line. It doesn’t have a lot of magic-kung-fu tricks, but it explains the basics and gives you a good understanding of what is possible.

[Article] 20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time


This was probably one of the best articles I read, it really changes the way you will think about A/B testing.

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