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July Picks

[Tool] Zero code option parser


docopt is an option parser that is based on conventions that have been used for decades in help messages and man pages for describing a program’s interface. An interface description in docopt is such a help message, but formalized.

[Tool] Git 2.9 diff improvements

Git 2.9 has been released and with it, few nice additions, my favourites goes to diff improvements:

Another addition was a script that puts an extra emphasis on the changed part of line:


In order to install that, make sure that diff-highlight is on your path, since the script is under Git’s contrib files. After that, add this to your ~/.gitconfig

  log = diff-highlight | less
  show = diff-highlight | less
  diff = diff-highlight | less

[Post] Hotel Music


Great post by Gökberk on how he reversed engineering a mysterious UDP stream in the hotel where he was.

[Post] How to keep your best programmers


Long post, but worth reading. While it does not explicitly tells how to keep your best programmers, it touches good points. For example:

[…] programmers are only happy in jobs that provide value to them and jobs to which they provide increasing value. The best and brightest not only want to grow but also to feel that they are increasingly useful and valuable–indicative, I believe, of pride in one’s work.

Have a nice week!

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