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October Picks

A rather long list, maybe you’ll find something interesting!

[Tool] fswatch


The simplest way to run a command whenever a file changes:

fswatch . | xargs -n 1 ruby

Whenever a file changes in the directory you are (set by .), it will pipe that file name via xargs to the Ruby executable.

[Tool] Quick Look Markdown files on OS X


Preview markdown files on OS X. Install it with brew cask install qlmarkdown.

[Career] Don’t call yourself a programmer

Link: Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice

Programming is a job like any other. A great take from the post is that you, as a programmer should be generating value, either by increasing revenue or reducing costs.

[Career] Knowledge Debt

Link: Knowledge Debt

Being a programmer is about being in a continuous state of learning

Like I mentioned on my previous post, it’s hard to get to know everything. At the same time, people might fall on the opposite side, which is ignoring everything that’s going on out there, because “there is no time”.

I can say that I was there myself, and I accumulated a lot of knowledge debt until recently, when I found a healthy balance.

[Career] Should I become a manager?

Becoming a engineer manager seems like a natural step, if you want to level up your career, but for some people, that does not “click”. You might even regret at some point.

Can you still make a lot of impact if you are just an individual contributor? The answer is yes, and you can check out how on: The Secret to Growing Your Engineering Career If You Don’t Want to Manage

[Code] Your code may be elegant…


Understand the scope. I cannot stress it enough: a good engineer is not the one who knows how to build the most advanced system, but the one who knows when not to build that system.

That’s all

Lot of career advice here, hope you enjoy 😁 See you next time!

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