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Denormalized indexing with elasticsearch-rails
How to index multiple models in Elasticsearch using elasticsearch-rails gem
Net::HTTP and Timeouts
How to set sane values for Net::HTTP read and open timeout options
Optimal way of processing large files in Ruby
Fast processing of large files in Ruby with low memory consumption
December Picks
Cool links from December 2016 - Feature Factories, Work/Life Balance, How Systems Fail and other tools
October Picks
Cool links from October 2016 - fswatch, quick look and career advices
How I finished my endless reading list
Steps I took to finish my endless reading list
August/September Picks
Cool stuff from August & September 2016 - Fonts with ligatures, preprocessing CSV with ruby, crystal
TIL: Python Threadpool
TIL how to use a threadpool in Python
July Picks
Cool stuff from July 2016, Docopt, Git highlight, Reverse engineering a UDP stream, How to keep your best programmers - July Picks
June Picks
Interesting content from June 2016, Rails has won, Laws of software development - June Picks